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October, 2015 meeting

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, October 22, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. at Douglas Avenue United Methodist Church,  corner of Douglas and Governor.  Our speaker(s) will be Mark Mahoney, Public Works Director and/or Lori Williams, City Traffic Engineer.  They will provide a status update for the plans for MacArthur & Lawrence and Walnut & Lawrence intersections. Our NPO’s will also be with us.  Hope you are able to join us for this informative meeting.  Please call 787-6823 for any additional information.

Quarterly Meeting

Because of weather constraints and scheduling for potential speakers, there will not be a meeting on Thursday, February 27, 2014.  Our next regularly scheduled quarterly meeting will be on Thursday, April 24, 2014.

Meeting Information

Due to the severe cold in early January, coupled with almost 10″ of snow, the HWSNA board made a decision to postpone the regular January meeting until February.  Because of the extreme weather conditions, the board felt that the safety and comfort of our block captains who graciously take their own time to deliver the newsletters was more important than having a meeting.  We hope to have our next quarterly meeting on Thursday, February 27th.  Please check our website for updated information approximately two weeks before that date.

Sweetgum Tree removal program

The City is now accepting applications from residents willing to pay $250 apiece to have sweetgum trees removed from public rights-of-way adjacent to their property.  After removal, city crews will backfill holes.  The city will also replace the sweetgums with nicer species at places where they won’t block streetlights or threaten sewers or sidewalks. 

Removal will done as time allows, with a limit of one tree per resident.  Applications prioritized on which trees pose the worst problems.  You have until December 14 to contact public works at 789-2255

October 25, 2012 Meeting Update

Beginning January 2, 2013, our area will have two new neighborhood police officers, Jonathan Wingerter (cell 652-2255) and Jennifer Howard (cell 741-4782),  who will be replacing Joe Phillips and Jason Brands.  A special “thank you” to Joe and Jason for being great NPO’s for the past three years.  They were very instrumental in helping us rid our area of a particulary problematic housing situation., in addition to their regular duties.

On October 20, 2012, our area realized a long-time goal when we dedicated the very impressive looking “neighborhood designation sign” that was installed on Springfield Park District property on the east side of MacArthur Boulevard, between the two sections of Williams Boulevard.  The acquisition of the sign was made possible through the combined efforts of several neighborhood association fund-raisers in the past, along with the $1,000 grant that HWSNA received this past year from funds made available to the associations located within Ward 6.  The foresight of Alderman Cory Jobe and the Ward 6 Revitalization fund made those grant awards possible.  If you type in “photo” in the search box, you can see a picture from the dedication.  Thank you again to Alderman Jobe, the Ward 6 fund, our board grant writers, residents of our area, the Springfield Park District and Ace Sign Company.

Thank you also to Board member Mike Jackson who has served as our treasurer and membership chair for many years.  Board member Sharon Riffey has taken on the treasurer duties and Bill Becker, coordinator of the block captains, has taken on membership responsibilities.

Thanks for your interest.  Watch the website for our next newsletter/meeting notice.