HWSNA Advocacy to Protect and Preserve Our Neighborhood: City Council Denies Parking Lot on South MacArthur, Zoning Commission Denies Privacy Fence, Zoning Requires Privacy Fence Setback

Last Updated: October 5, 2022

The HWSNA has most recently reviewed and provided testimony before the Springfield Planning & Zoning Commission in OPPOSITION to two petitions seeking to erect large non-forming privacy fences on side yards of properties located on street corners. The decisions of the Springfield Planning & Zoning Commission in these 2 cases was FINAL without review by the Springfield City Council.

  1. In January 2022, the Springfield Planning & Zoning Commission denied a petition for a 0%-open privacy fence for 957 Williams Boulevard that was temporarily too close to the property line. The City Code requires any such fence to be 50%-open. The Commission adopted a motion that requires additional setback. The petitioner has since complied with the standard by making the existing fence 50%-open.
  2. In March 2022, the Planning & Zoning Commission allowed a 0-% open fence for 1001 Williams Boulevard, but required that it be setback 8 feet from the property line. The petitioner in this case appears to be installing a total privacy fence within the required setback

The HWSNA also provided testimony for 2 other Zoning Petitions:

1) In January 2022, the HWSNA testified before the Springfield Planning & Zoning Commission in OPPOSITION to a petition requesting a change in the zoning classification, as well as variances for parking, for the property located at 1149 West Edwards, to enable the property to be leased for the purpose of the establishment and operation of a specialty (Italian) food store.

The HWSNA expressed concern that a general and permanent reclassification was too broad and could enable more intensive land uses in the future beyond the specialty food store.

The Commission approved the petition as submitted.

The HWSNA took no formal position when the petition was considered by the Springfield City Council in February, which subsequently approved the petition.

NOTE: As of October 5, 2022, there has been no apparent alteration or development of the property with respect to the establishment of the food store.

2) On March of 2022 the HWSNA testified in OPPOSITION to a petition considered by the Springfield Planning & Zoning Commission to convert vacant property located at 800 South MacArthur Boulevard to a paved parking lot, together with variances to not provide landscaping or lighting.

The HWSNA expressed strong concerns about traffic safety and the negative impact on the residential character of the area.

The Commission approved the petition as submitted.

The HWSNA submitted a valid Protest Petition to the Springfield City Council, which would have required a 2/3 vote of the Springfield City Council to approve the petition.

The Springfield City Council denied the petition by unanimous vote April 19, 2022.
Read about this decision in the State Journal-Register…

Subsequent to that denial of the petition for the parking lot, members of the HWSNA Diana and Kurt DeWeese purchased the lot at 800 South MarArthur Boulevard and intend to improve it under a landscaping plan that will include a tree-planting and assorted flower beds. A prominent Historic Westside sign is also included in the plan.